Moved hosting provider and registrar. Flawless execution!

Today this website switched from Dreamhost to 1and1 web hosting and domain registrar with only a couple of minutes of down-time. The process took five days because of all the red tape involved in domain transfers, but I’ve learned to be prepared. Here’s my checklist for moving a WordPress website and domain name to a new registrar/host:

  1. Do not update website or change settings until transfer is finalized
  2. Begin transfer process with new registrar
  3. Download web directory to local drive via FTP
  4. Use PhpMyAdmin to export database and save locally
  5. Create new database on new host
  6. Populate database via PhpMyAdmin import
  7. Edit ‘wpconfig.php’ with new database name, user, hostname and password
  8. Upload files to new webspace via FTP
  9. Once transfer is initialized and the domain name shows in new registrar’s¬†web panel, change destination to new directory

If you follow your registrars’ directions and finalize the transfer, there should be near-zero down-time since everything will already be in place.

Anyways, enough of the nerd-talk. I’m out.


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