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Upcoming PC-exclusive games you should follow

Upcoming PC-exclusive games you should follow

  Routine   Fortnite   Eve Valkyrie   The Fifth Day   Cyberpunk 2077   Satellite Reign   Heroes of the Storm   Everquest Next

The Tower has some nice trees

Remembering the Destiny Alpha

Today, the Destiny First Look Alpha closes. It was supposed to close last night at 11:59pm PST, but they’ve extended it “to allow dangerous experiments.” This has not only been the best-running and most...


Battlefield Hardline leaked gameplay

Last week, a six-month-old trailer for Battlefield Hardline was leaked. this is to be the next title in the Battlefield franchise and the first ever to be headed by a studio other than DICE....


Ever heard of Star Citizen?

For this series, I’d like to talk briefly about up-and-coming or little-known games which I think seem cool. The first is Star Citizen, a crowd-funded independently-published Open-World space MMO. Set about 800 years in...