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Upcoming PC-exclusive games you should follow

Upcoming PC-exclusive games you should follow

  Routine   Fortnite   Eve Valkyrie   The Fifth Day   Cyberpunk 2077   Satellite Reign   Heroes of the Storm   Everquest Next

DayZ Chronicles – Hardcore killers

Last week I met a Belgian redditor (we’ll call him ‘TheButcher’)┬áin a DayZ meetup subreddit. We joined up on a First Person (previously ‘Hardcore’) server to try and find a tent. Neither of us...

New GPU and Monitor – Oh my god

I’ve just installed an MSI Geforce GTX 750 ti Overclocked on my off-the-shelf PC and it’s like I’m playing a whole new DayZ. I’m finally able to play DayZ on high settings with more...


Hi! Welcome to my gaming/stuff site. I’ll put up all my content here. I also might ramble on about nothing sometimes. Fuck off :)